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Article Image 74: The Green wave that swept the 2020 A.C.T. Election
In a result almost none saw coming, the A.C.T. Greens have tripled their seat count in the A.C.T. Legislative Assembly following the Election on 17 October.
Published: 26/10/2020 on Independent Australia Canberra Politics Opinion Piece Elections
Article Image 66: A.C.T. Government announces intent for fixed pill testing site
The A.C.T. Greens have made a progressive move towards drug decriminalisation and treating drug use as a health issue
Published: 28/08/2020 on Independent Australia Canberra National Politics Community Lifestyle Elections
Article Image 61: One million trees — a bold vision for Canberra
A new environmental policy launched in the A.C.T. has come from a party not associated with being green friendly
Published: 14/08/2020 on Independent Australia Canberra Politics Environment Community Elections
Article Image 59: Disabled, elderly, carers: a history of Centrelink coronavirus supports
When it comes to the coronavirus supports offered by the Government, one cohort of society has been left mostly in the cold: disabled people, the elderly and carers.
Published: 31/07/2020 on Independent Australia National Politics Community Opinion Piece Coronavirus
Article Image 57: The A.C.T. is assisting homeless Canberrans during COVID-19 crisis
With the COVID-19 crisis making homelessness an even bigger problem, the A.C.T. Government is finding solutions to help those affected
Published: 24/07/2020 on Independent Australia Canberra Politics Community Coronavirus
Article Image 52: Vaping 'victory' is far from a win, just another LNP con
While it may appear the Government is working in favour of vape users, a closer look at their planned restrictions reveals the opposite
Published: 02/07/2020 on Independent Australia National Politics Community Technology Lifestyle Opinion Piece
Article Image 50: A.C.T. ‘legalised’ cannabis and the sky is yet to fall in
The A.C.T. has relaxed laws on cannabis use, possibly paving the way for other states to consider more progressive legislation
Published: 16/05/2020 on Independent Australia Canberra National Politics Community Social Justice
Article Image 46: "Scott Morrison addresses the nation: The bonking must cease!"
Scott Morrison updates the nation on new, stricter social distancing rules.
Published: 30/03/2020 on Independent Australia National Politics Community Lifestyle Satire Coronavirus
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